• 161A Time to Kill , John Grisham (1992)
    In this searing courtroom drama, best-selling author John Grisham probes the savage depths of racial violence... as he delivers a compelling tale of uncertain justice in a small southern town… 607 руб

  • 162Trump: Think Like a Billionaire. Everything You Need to Know About Success, Real Estate, and Life , Donald J. Trump (2005)
    "Эта книга о том, как научиться мыслить" по-миллиардерски" . Даже если вы усвоите лишь 10 процентов изложенных здесь мудрых советов, у вас все же появится неплохой шанс пробиться в миллиардеры" . It… 595 руб

  • 163Vittorio, the Vampire: New Tales of the Vampires , Anne Rice (2001)
    Educated in the Florence of Cosimo de'Medici, trained in knighthood at his father's mountaintop castle, Vittorio inhabits a world of courtly splendor and country pleasures - a world suddenly… 607 руб

  • 164The Bridges of Madison County , Robert James Waller (1993)
    A man. A woman. The heat of an Iowa summer. And the brief encounter whose passion will last a lifetime 817 руб

  • 165Catherine the Great , Virginia Rounding (2007)
    Many legends have grown up about the sexual rapacity of Catherine the Great. While it is true that she shocked the Russian court with the number and age of her lovers, there is no truth in the rumour… 1490 руб

  • 166Dublin , Edward Rutherfurd (2005)
    Edward Rutherfurd's great Irish epic reveals the story of the people of Ireland through the focal point of the island's capital city. The epic begins in pre-Christian Ireland during the reign of the… 847 руб

  • 167The Essential Hemingway , Ernest Hemingway (1995)
    The Essential Hemingway is the perfect introduction to the astonishing, wide-ranging body of work by the Nobel Prize-winning author. This impressive collection includes: the full text of Fiesta… 798 руб

  • 168A Farewell to Arms , Ernest Hemingway (1994)
    In 1918 Ernest Hemingway went to war, to the'war to end all wars'. He volunteered for ambulance service in Italy, was wounded and twice decorated. Out of his experiences came A Farewell to Arms… 655 руб

  • 169Fight Club , Chuck Palahniuk (1998)
    Every weekend, in basements and parking lots across the country, young men with good white-collar jobs and absent fathers take off their shoes and shirts and fight each other barehanded for as long… 650 руб

  • 170For Whom The Bell Tolls , Ernest Hemingway (1994)
    High in the pine forests of the Spanish Sierra, a guerrilla band prepares to blow up a vital bridge. Robert Jordan, a young American volunteer, has been sent to handle the dynamiting. There, in the… 709 руб

  • 171Forrest Gump , Winston Groom (1994)
    Meet Forrest Gump, the lovable, hurculean, and surprisingly savy hero of this remarkable comic odyssey. After accidentally becoming the star of Univerity of Alabama's football team, Forrest goes on… 650 руб

  • 172Foucault's Pendulum , Umberto Eco (2001)
    Three book editors, jaded by reading far too many crackpot manuscripts on the mystic and the occult, are inspired by an extraordinary conspiracy story told to them by a strange colonel to have some… 887 руб

  • 173The French Lieutenant's Woman , John Fowles (2004)
    Of all John Fowles'novels The French Lieutenant's Woman received the most universal acclaim and today holds a very special place in the canon of post-war English literature. From the god-like stance… 886 руб

  • 174Vintage Satire: Gulliver's Travels&Atomised , Jonathan Swift (2007)
    "Vintage Satire" is a limited edition gift pack which consists of beautifully designed separate volumes of" Gulliver's Travels" by Jonathan Swift and Michel Houellebecq's controversial bestseller"… 710 руб

  • 175Hard-Boiled Wonderland And The End Of The World , Haruki Murakami (2001)
    This is a narrative particle accelerator that zooms between Wild Turkey Whiskey and Bob Dylan, unicorn skulls and voracious librarians, John Coltrane and Lord Jim. Science fiction, detective story… 937 руб

  • 176A Hat Full of Sky , Terry Pratchett (2005)
    Tiffany Aching, a hag from a long line of hags, is trying out her witchy talents again as she is plunged into yet another adventure when she leaves home and is apprenticed to a "real" witch. This… 532 руб

  • 177The Hippopotamus , Stephen Fry (2004)
    Ted Wallace is an old, sour, womanising, cantankerous, whisky-sodden beast of a failed poet and drama critic, but he has his faults too. Fired from his newspaper, months behind on his alimony… 799 руб

  • 178How Life Imitates Chess , Garry Kasparov (2006)
    World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov shares the powerful secrets of strategy he has learned from dominating the world’s most intellectually challenging game for two decades – lessons about mastering… 1109 руб

  • 179Le Bal , Irene Nemirovsky (2007)
    "Le Bal" depicts the life of the Kampfs who, having recently gone up in the world thanks to luck with the stock decide to throw a ball in order to launch themselves into society. Their daughter… 710 руб

  • 180Lost Temple , Tom Harper (2007)
    For three thousand years, the world's most dangerous treasure has been lost. Now the code that reveals its hiding place is about to be broken... Sam Grant is a disgraced ex-SOE soldier and an… 710 руб