• 181The Wind Bloweth , Donn Byrne (1922)
    1922. Seven chapters in the life of another fool sentimentalist, a story, magically told, touching all the chords of life. Donn Byrne tells a storyof things as they were almost within the memory of… 1317 руб

  • 182William Shakespeare Portrayed by Himself: A Revelation of the Poet in the Career and Character of One of His Own Dramatic Heroes , Robert Waters (1888)
    1888. Written by the Scottish-born educator and author, William Shakespeare Portrayed by Himself is counted among Waters'other works which include Intellectual Pursuits, Life of William Cobbett, John… 1314 руб

  • 183The Senses and the Intellect , Alexander Bain (1868)
    1868. Alexander Bain, Scottish philosopher and educationalist, was an early proponent of scientific psychology. Along with his friend, John Stuart Mill, Bain was a major proponent of the British… 2008 руб

  • 184The Life And Works Of Friedrich Schiller , Calvin Thomas (1901)
    When Schiller arrived in Mannheim, late in July, 1783, Dalberg was in Holland. There was nothing going on at the theater, and the sweltering town, deserted by such as could get away, was suffering… 1321 руб

  • 185The Life And Letters Of Elizabeth Prentiss , George L. Prentiss (1882)
    We come now to a new phase of Mrs. Prentiss'experience as a pastor's wife. Before her husband resigned his New York charge, during the winter of 1857-8, the question of holding a service in the upper… 1324 руб

  • 186The Druzes and the Maronites Under the Turkish Rule from 1840 to 1860 , Colonel Charles Churchill (1862)
    1862. Colonel Charles Henry Churchill writes in the preface that: Although some months have elapsed since the appalling intelligence of the massacres in Syria burst upon the civilised world... a full… 1311 руб

  • 187Across the River and into the Trees , Ernest Hemingway (1994)
    The War is just over. In Venice, a city elaborately and affectionately described, Richard Cantrell, an American colonel, falls passionately in love with Renata, a young Italian countess who has'a… 585 руб

  • 188Zeitgeist and Glamour: Photography of the'60s and'70s , Nicola Erni (2011)
    The 1960s and'70s were a time when mainstream culture was turned on its head. Everything from fashion and music to politics and religion was questioned or reinvented while technological advances… 4694 руб

  • 189The Duel and Other Stories , A. P. Chekhov (2003)
    Six selections from the famed Russian showcase his natural aptitude for detail, dialogue, humor, and compassion. Includes The Darling, a poignant piece supporting the claim that life has no meaning… 227 руб

  • 190Tender is the Night and The Last Tycoon , F. Scott Fitzgerald (2011)
    This title includes an Introduction and Notes by Henry Claridge, Senior Lecturer, School of English, University of Kent at Canterbury. "Tender is the Night" is a story set in the hedonistic high… 212 руб

  • 191This Side of Paradise and The Beautiful and Damned , F. Scott Fitzgerald (2011)
    This title includes an Introduction and Notes by Lionel Kelly. This Side of Paradise was Fitzgerald's first novel, and its instant success made him famous. The Beautiful and the Damned was… 212 руб

  • 192The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art Curator's Choice , Brilliant Virginia (2010)
    • Part of Scala's Director's/Curator's Choice series, a personal and engaging guide with a unique approach to the legacy of the art collector, circus entrepreneur and financier John Ringling and his… 839 руб

  • 193Rookwood Pottery at the Philadelphia Museum of Art: The Gerald and Virginia Gordon Collection , Owen Nancy E. (1999)
    The Rookwood Pottery was probably the most famous company making art pottery in the United States in the late nineteenth century into the twentieth century, achieving an international reputation and… 3397 руб

  • 194The Fast and Furious 5 Step Organizing Solution. No-Fuss Clutter Control from a Top Professional Organizer , Pinsky Susan (2010)
    Feel like you’re buried in clutter? Are you in desperate need of an organizational overhaul? Having trouble finding your first-born underneath all those toys? With The Fast and Furious 5 Step… 863 руб

  • 195The Houses and Gardens of M. H. Baillie Scott , Macdonald-Smith Ian (2010)
    A romantic vision of the finest Arts and Crafts architect. Practicing from the turn of the twentieth century to the beginning of the Second World War, Mackay Hugh Baillie Scott exerted a profound… 3929 руб

  • 196ESOL Activities. Entry 1: Practical Language Activities for Living in the UK and Ireland (+ Audio CD) , Harrison Louis (2008)
    A collection of photocopiable activities specially written for ESOL teachers, based on and clearly referenced to the Adult ESOL Core Curriculum. A collection of photocopiable activities specially… 3275 руб

  • 197The Earth and Sky of Jacques Dorme , Makine A. (2010)
    In present-day France a Russian writer recalls his harsh childhood at a Stalingrad orphanage in the 1960s and the old Frenchwoman, a family friend, whose tales fed his dreams of a better world. One… 414 руб

  • 198The Witch and the Warrior , Monk Karyn (2011)
    The historical tales of Karyn Monk are filled with unforgettable romance and her own special brand of warmth and humor. Now love casts its spell in the Highlands, as a warrior seeks a miracle from a… 454 руб

  • 199The Queen and I , Townsend Sue (2012)
    The Monarchy Has Been Dismantled. When a Republican party wins the General Election, their first act in power is to strip the royal family of their assets and titles and send them to live on a… 817 руб

  • 200The Town and the City , Kerouac Jack (2009)
    It is the sum of myself, as far as the written word can go - Kerouac on The Town and the City. Kerouac's debut novel is a great coming of age story which can be read as the essential prelude to his… 1122 руб