Gossip Girl (temporada 5)

Gossip Girl (temporada 5)
Gossip Girl:
Quinta temporada
Programa Gossip Girl
País de origen Bandera de los Estados Unidos Estados Unidos
Cadena de televisión The CW Network
N.° de episodios 24
Reparto Blake Lively
Leighton Meester
Chace Crawford
Ed Westwick
Penn Badgley
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La quinta temporada de Gossip Girl, un drama adolescente americano basado en la serie de novelas Gossip Girl de Cecily von Ziegesar y desarrolada para televisión por Josh Schwartz y Stephanie Savage. The CW renovó oficialmente la serie para una quinta temporada el 26 de Abril de 2011.

Más tarde se anunció que Taylor Momsen, quien actúa como Jenny Humphrey desde el episodio piloto, y Jessica Szohr, que actuaba como Vanessa Abrams desde la primera temporada, no volverían como personajes habituales en la quinta temporada. Kaylee DeFer aparecerá de forma regular en el personaje de Charlie Rhodes, prima de Serena. De la misma manera, Hugo Becker continuará interpretando al príncipe Louis Grimaldi de Mónaco, prometido de Blair.

Con la confirmación del calendario para el 2011-2012, La CW anunció que Gossip Girl volvería los lunes a las 8:00 de la tarde como introducción a Hart of Dixie. Constará de 24 episodios.

La quinta temporada se estrenó en Estados Unidos el 26 de Septiembre del 2011.



Personajes principales

Con la voz de


# Título original Dirigido por Escrito por Fecha de estreno Espectadores en EEUU
(en millones)
88 5x01 "Yes, Then Zero" Joshua Safran Mark Piznarski 2011 de septiembre de 26 1.37[1]
Mientras está trabajando como asistente de producción en Hollywood, Serena comete un error tratando de impresionar a su nueva jefa (estrella invitada Michael Michele). Chuck y Nate llegan a Los Ángeles para visitar a Serena, y Nate se ve involucrado en una fiesta con una sospechosa mujer (estrella invitada Elizabeth Hurley) mientras que Chuck se cita con una actriz, Zoë Bell (interpretándose a sí misma) intentando superar lo de Blair. Mientras tanto, Blair y Louis vuelven a Nueva York depués de haber pasado todo el verano en Mónaco planeando la boda. Los problemas de Louis para apoyar a Blair dificultan las cosas y amenazan su relación cuando Blair empieza a ver como Louis se deja mangonear por su madre. Dan pide ayuda a Louis en un desesperado intento para que su libro no sea publicado en una revista local. En este episodio se revela que Dorota está embarazada y espera su segundo hijo. Además, al final del episodio se insinúa que Blair también está embarazada, pero Dorota miente para encurbirla. Cuando la modista está tomándole las medidas para el vestido de la boda, se percata de ello, y le dice que para el día de la boda, todos podrán verlo por ellos mismo. Serene se encuentra con su prima Charlie en Los Ángeles, la cual se ha mudado con su novio.
89 5x02 "Beauty and the Feast" Sara Goodman Mark Piznarski 2011 de octubre de 3 1.34[2]
Blair tries to conceal the news of her recent pregnancy from Louis as the arrival of her future sister-in-law Beatrice (guest star Roxane Mesquida) nears. Nate reconnects with the mysterious Diana Payne (guest star Elizabeth Hurley), a woman whom he had a fling with in Los Angeles who offers him a job opportunity to work at her publishing company in New York. Meanwhile, Dan is desperately in need of help from Chuck to stop his novel from being published, but finds out that Chuck is hiding a secret. Ivy, still in character as 'Charlie', tries to avoid her real identity from an unsuspecting Serena but her plans affects her life in L.A. with her unsuspecting boyfriend Max. Blair's plan doesn't go accordingly; since Beatrice overhears her tell Dan that she's pregnant, not bulimic.
90 5x03 "The Jewel of Denial" Amanda Lasher Larry Shaw 2011 de octubre de 10 1.27[3]
Serena and Charlie return to New York. Worrying that her identity will be revealed, Ivy decides to start making her own choice by being a part of New York's social society as Charlie. Meanwhile, Dan learns that his former mentor, Noah Shapiro, is responsible for publishing his novel. After his attempts at stopping Noah fail, Dan soon ends up in the spotlight. Chuck tries to break through his emotional block. Unknowingly, Nate is persuaded by the ruthless man-eater Diana (guest star Elizabeth Hurley) to cross moral lines while interviewing a couple at the Jenny Packham fashion show. Lily is finally released from house arrest and attends the fashion show with Rufus, despite the fact that her social life is in shambles. After learning that Ivy stole some of Charlie's trust fund money for herself, Carol Rhodes tracks down Ivy to New York where Ivy threatens to reveal their scam, as well as implicate Serena and the entire Van Der Woodsen family, if Carol does not back away. Elsewhere, a very reluctant Blair decides she does not want to learn who the father of her unborn child is, but is later seen telling Chuck that she is pregnant with Louie's baby, but adds "Part of me wished it was yours". He is both amazed and hurt. When Blair tells Louis that she is pregnant, he is estatic, but at the end Blair is seen hiding the test results in a drawer. Also, Nate finds Ivy's missing cell phone with her text messages from her boyfriend Max, but does not make the connection that Ivy and Charlie are one and the same.
91 5x04 "Memoirs of an Invisible Dan" Amy B. Harris Tate Donovan 2011 de octubre de 17 1.16[4]
Dan is about to be announced as author of "Inside" so he gives a copy of the book to Blair, Serena, Nate, Chuck and Rufus hoping they will be supportive at his upcoming book party. In the book, Dan described Serena as the "old Serena": drinking, dating teachers, being shallow, partying, reckless, and having random sex. Nate doesn't receive a character description, but is joined with Eric (a younger, gay character with political relatives). Chuck is the only one in the book whom is described as he really is: lonely, cynical, without friends or families. The book talks about Blair and Dan having sex, and when Louis reads it he says he can't trust Blair anymore. Blair is afraid she will have to raise the baby on her own if he leaves and finally tells Serena. Louis apologizes for his behavior and agrees to trust Blair. Even Rufus becomes angry and alienated with Dan when he says he had never regretted leaving the music industry to have a family, until upon reading the book, which portrays him as marrying Lily just for money. Meanwhile, Diana makes the connection of Ivy and Charlie being the same person and forces Charlie to work for her. Also, Serena's boss tells her to get the film rights for "Inside" and that she has only one week.
92 5x05 "The Fasting and the Furious" Peter Elkoff Joe Lazarov OriginalAirDate= 2011 de octubre de 24[5]
93 5x06 "I Am Number Nine" Jake Colburn Andy Wolk 2011 de noviembre de 07[6]


The CW officially renewed the series for a fifth season on April 26, 2011.[7]

On May 19, 2011, with the reveal of The CW's 2011-2012 television schedule, Gossip Girl stayed on Monday night and moved to the 8:00 pm Eastern/7:00 pm Central timeslot as a lead-in to Hart of Dixie, which is produced by Gossip Girl's executive producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage.[8] The fifth season will premiere on Monday, September 26, 2011.[9]

Filming for the season began on July 7, 2011.[10] On August 3, 2011, The CW ordered two additional episodes for the fifth season, which will now total at 24.[11] Executive producer Joshua Safran announced that he will be "pulling out all the stops" to make the 100th episode of the show special. The 100th episode is expected to air in January.[12]

On the date of the season premiere, the show used footage of the New York cityscape that showed the World Trade Center before the September 11 attacks. Footage containing the World Trade Center have been omitted by films and TV shows such as Sex and the City and The Sopranos to honor individuals who died in the attacks. The network has not yet responded to public requests regarding the usage of the footage.[13]


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Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick all returned as series regulars. Kaylee DeFer was upgraded to series regular status, while Taylor Momsen and Jessica Szohr have been invited back as guest stars.[14] Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle also returned as regulars.[15]

On April 6, 2011 10 Things I Hate About You star Ethan Peck landed a guest-starring role on the show.[16] Peck made his debut in the fourth season finale and was in talks with producers for a recurring role for the fifth season.[17] [18] Peck would later film his scenes with Lively for the season premiere. French actress and model Roxane Mesquida was cast as Louis' sister and Blair's nemesis in a recurring role for the fifth season.[19] Actress Elizabeth Hurley has been cast as media mogul Diana Payne and will star in a multi-episode arc with the character being described as "a sexy, smart, self-made media mogul and an all-around force to be reckoned with."[20] Lost actor, Marc Menard will join the cast in the potentially recurring role of Father Cavalia, a handsome priest from Monaco who will preside over Blair's wedding.[21] Brian J. Smith had been cast as a possible love-interest for Serena while she is in Los Angeles and would appearing on the show as Max, an aspiring chef.[22]

Connor Paolo, who is now a regular on Revenge will not return to the show as Eric van der Woodsen stating, “I’m done. You should never go back in life. Only forward.”[23] On August 16, 2011, Elle magazine interviewed Taylor Momsen, stating that she had quit the series to focus fully on her music career.[24] Hollywood stuntwoman, Zoë Bell was slated to appear on the show and made her debut in the season premiere.[25] New York Magazine noted the appearance of American novelist Jay McInerney, who reprised his role as writer Jeremiah Harris.[26] Aaron Tveit, who previously portrayed Nate's cousin Trip Vanderbilt in the third season, will be returning to the show.[27]


Season Five opens in Los Angeles, where a vacationing Chuck and Nate decide to visit Serena. Back in New York, Blair learns that planning a royal wedding can be stressful, and Dan discovers the consequences of writing candidly about his closest friends. Also, the surprise return of cousin Charlie will threaten to destroy the Van der Woodsen family.[28]


With the move to 8:00pm, The CW charged $50,304 for a 30-second advertising slot during the fifth season of Gossip Girl.[29]


The season premiere was watched by 1.37 million viewers and received a 0.7 rating in the Adults 19-49 demo,[1] down 0.3 vs. last seasons premiere.[30]


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